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How Good Is Your Audit Firm?

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What your audit committee needs to know in order to choose and oversee an independent auditor. Doing it right can keep you out of court. With each new fraud and "audit failure" divulged in the financial press, more pointed questions are being raised about audit quality. What is it? How do you define and measure it?

Construction Audit Services

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Construction audit services grew in popularity with the boom in real estate construction.
It is likely construction audits will stay in high demand as general contractors strive to streamline costs and save money. Vast sums of money are spent at a frantic pace where construction is concerned.

Shhh! Don't Name That Auditor

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Do you know who audits the books of the companies in which you own stock?
The answer almost certainly is that you do not. You may know the name of the firm, but you don't know the name of the partner in charge of the audit.